Things that matter

The worth of value

Everything has value. But value tends to change. And here we are talking not only about our moral value but rather about the value that things have. And what happens with things that lose their value along with time? Discounts happen. Of course, discount does not mean that the thing, let’s say a piece of clothing, lost all its initial appearance and is no longer appealing. On the contrary, merchants give us an opportunity to get something we dreamed about or planned on buying for a really long time. This...

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Wearable more than once

If you can proudly admit that you’re already done with all the Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, and home decor, there’s one thing that’s left - to dress up for all the upcoming holidays and events. One more thing that either brings you a joy and pleasure of endless possibilities to create new looks or more of a headache trying to find something suitable and unique. And usually, we all want something new, something that was found for that special occasion. And something that probably will never be worn again. Do you...

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A cliché?

Today we live in a world where the line between real and fake is very thin. Anything can be forged, and anything can be made to trick a person’s mind. For example, anything that has once been a genuine idea, that has been repeatedly put into our heads can lose all its meaning. Where am I going with this, you might wonder? We are hearing a lot of things that used to be some kind of idea, but throughout the time it became a cliché. We all know that we...

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