Our relationship with shopping

We all heard and talked a lot about how we buy too much and spend too much on things we don’t really need. But do we ever think about why we do so? What reasons stand behind this? Why do we need that dress or one more skirt?

We only talked about how we should think before we are buying and to look at what are we purchasing. But we never think about why we do it. “Because I need it”, would be the right answer. Or a typical answer. Are there a lot of people who actually ask themselves whether they really need some piece of clothing for exact purpose or its just a way to “lighten’ once mood”?

Some years ago, a movie called “Confessions of a Shopaholic” would raise a smile or would be someone’s rather silly dream to be able to run through stores like that. But now such behavior would be considered as an addiction. Shopping addiction can lead to even bigger and more serious disorders. This means that not only compulsive buying is harmful to the environment but also hides severe psychological problems. “Innocent” purchasing can be hiding stress, anxiety, loneliness or anger. This is why it is important to ask yourself “do I need this” not only if you want to become sustainable, keep our planet clean, etc., but also for your own good. After all, our own well-being should always come first.

I encourage you to create your own inner sustainability and never forget that true beauty comes from the person itself and at the end, it doesn’t matter how much you own, it is about how much you can give. So, give the best of yourself!