The worth of value

Everything has value. But value tends to change. And here we are talking not only about our moral value but rather about the value that things have. And what happens with things that lose their value along with time?

Discounts happen. Of course, discount does not mean that the thing, let’s say a piece of clothing, lost all its initial appearance and is no longer appealing. On the contrary, merchants give us an opportunity to get something we dreamed about or planned on buying for a really long time. This is one of many reasons why there are so many huge sales in clothes shops. And what are the other reasons, you might ask? And the more important question: why some brands like Shopyte do not have discounts?

We all know that tendencies change as quickly as our own wishes. Your today's’ whim tomorrow may mean nothing. And what is fashionable today may look like nothing you would want to look like in a month or so. Therefore, a lot of clothes must go on sale in order to make room for new collections. Big merchants deal with huge amounts of goods (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) that not all are sold and usually are getting rid of it by throwing it to the garbage or burning. It’s like a vicious cycle of making extra products that are expected to be sold, thrown into the market to fulfill our needs and then thrown away into the endless pile of trash. And it all comes from the desire to make, to sell, to buy and to own something.

It is important to understand that things that have a bigger value are the ones that are made with great care, attention and preciseness. And you can never go wrong by choosing classy, elegant and high-quality pieces that would never go out of style or lose their value.