Wearable more than once

If you can proudly admit that you’re already done with all the Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, and home decor, there’s one thing that’s left - to dress up for all the upcoming holidays and events. One more thing that either brings you a joy and pleasure of endless possibilities to create new looks or more of a headache trying to find something suitable and unique. And usually, we all want something new, something that was found for that special occasion. And something that probably will never be worn again.

Do you ever think how many of us wear the same thing more than once? The answer is - not so many. Why? Usually, because we do not want to be seen in the same outfit twice. Let’s be honest and admit that social networks changed our attitude towards the looks of others and especially our own. We expect to see something different, something shocking every day as much as we want to look different and surprise others. And there is nothing bad about experimenting, changing yourself and exploring various looks and ideas. And this is where we should stop for a bit because there is the other side of the coin. By always trying to find some new clothes to add to our wardrobe, we risk trading quantity over quality. It’s not easy and practical to buy clothes that cost a couple of hundred euros for each event. And it’s not quite smart to choose something cheap that would tear up within a few wearings causing a massive amount of waste.

What we should do then? First of all, we should not forget about the already mentioned quality and choose something that would be wearable for a long time. Also, it is important to find something that would suit you well - its design and color. And then let your imagination and taste feel free: play some mix and match with various accessories and shoes, let yourself be different every day by staying true to yourself.