Dovilė Šopytė

Egyptian Blue Silk Dress


This long, Egyptian blue silk dress with long sleeves is a perfect dress for a woman who cares for her elegance. She will feel good about her in a formal event or in an important meeting. The purpose of this dress was to emphasize femininity without forgetting the comfort.

Fabric: 100% Silk; 
Lining: 100% Silk;
Care: Dry clean;

Measurements in centimeters:

1/2 Chest (measured at armhole, a max deviation is 1cm): 44.5 (XS), 46.5 (S), 48.5 (M), 51.5 (L)
1/2 Waist (a max deviation is 1cm): 33.5 (XS), 35.5 (S), 37.5 (M), 40.5 (L)
Sleeve length (measured from the shoulder, max deviation is 0.5cm): 59,5 (XS), 60 (S), 60,5 (M), 61 (L)

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