Made To Measure

If you feel as if you are in a never-ending search of a comfortable and high-quality outwear, Shopyte is ready to make all your dreams come true by offering you a made-to-measure exclusive service. This means that a garment will be made and adjusted specifically for you. Forget all the trouble that you need to go through when buying clothes that sometimes need to be altered or does not fully meet your expectations. Not only we want to make you happy by creating something that would be a perfect fit, but also to contribute to higher sustainability within the fashion retail ecosystem. Our outwear collection that is made from the wool of alpaca, camel or lama will ensure warmth and durability. Choosing a made-to-measure garment is a smart choice because it is designed for the same price as a ready-to-wear garment. By choosing a made-to-measure garment you will not only get a piece of clothing but also a premium service, exclusive quality and something that was made to express your individuality.

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