We think that most of you would agree that we live in a world full of extremes. One day we want something extravagant, something that would make us look like from another world, and the day after, after we are bored or tired of constant vanity fair, we are looking for something that would be natural and sustainable. Here is the keyword - sustainability - something that Shopyte has been talking about for some time now. So, what sustainability means to us?

raw silk

It is a common truth that everything that has a great value stands on a firm foundation. And the foundation of Shopyte brand consists of the finest quality materials, natural and minimalistic taste. Each of these elements is important and carries the idea of sustainability.

Quality control

Our garments are made of natural fabrics such as silk, wool, and cotton. These fabrics not only look luxurious, but they are also breathable (important for those who have allergies) and comfortable to wear. Sustainability is not only about how long you are going to wear something, but it is also about how you treat your body and skin, and what you are going to leave after yourself.

It is hard to keep up with fashion trends. But not for Shopyte woman. Why? Because created designs are classy and modern, having no time or occasion limit. Which means that it can be mixed and matched in any way possible with a whole range of accessories. So that you could follow your intuition, not fashion trends.

We believe that it is important to have a strong and clear connection with our clients. To tell them things that matter, to spread awareness, to ensure that they would get the best that there is. Maybe this is the real idea of sustainability that we all should look for?